Alaska Gun Collector's Association

To encourage and support the collection, trade, sale and display of firearms, ammunition, and accessories of historical and modern interest.

We have several events a year. All of them include GUNS! There's other sweet gear/swag/prizes of course, but let's be real we are all here for the guns. Big guns, little guns...who cares as long as it goes Pew Pew right? Click here to buy tickets and learn more! 

AGCA is an organization dedicated to the protection of the Second Amendment, shooting sports, hunting, gun collecting, etc.  To contribute to the continuing improvement of our interest, we are offering scholarships to Alaska high school graduates who are in need of help and have academic achievement beyond the norm.

Contact us at any time with questions, or about volunteer opportunities.


The Alaska Gun Collectors Association believes that our 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms is an essential part of our history and future. We are committed to helping preserve and promote these rights by providing events where our community can view historical firearm collections, add to their own collections, and experience the power and responsibility of safe firearm use.

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T: 907-310-3602


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